Top 7 Spa Retail Tips From Chelsea Bond Jewelry October 10, 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorized

As we approach the holidays, it never hurts to have a few extra sales tips on our hands. I’ve put together the Top 7 Retail Tips from Chelsea Bond Jewelry to help you enhance your sales and continue to showcase your jewelry in the best light…literally!

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Please ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are my displays arranged at various levels?


Arranging your displays at different levels offers clients an uncluttered jewelry-buying experience.

Are your displays sitting flat on a table where the client needs to hunch over to see the beauty of the natural gemstones?

Are they all on one shelf with the same height? Consider moving your tallest displays behind the shorter ones to maximize space and achieve the desired high-end effect. You don’t need to order all new displays, simply add a clear acrylic riser underneath any of your existing displays to add the desired height.


2. Is the light reflecting beautifully off of the gemstones and sparkling the druzy crystals as best as possible?


While it may seem obvious, jewelry loves light. Have you ever walked into a jewelry store and ooh’d and ahh’d at everything? It’s ALL in the lighting.

Soft light is best and if you have spotlights in the ceilings or in shelving units, it truly makes Chelsea Bond Jewelry POP!

If your display is currently in an area that doesn’t receive at least soft, natural light (perhaps by a window), then consider soft lighting options that may be available such as chandeliers, puck lights in ceilings, or even lamps.


3. Is my display consistent, clean, and visually beautiful? 


Are you mixing and matching displays from various designers? While I do recommend using either the white leatherette displays that I use at shows mixed with acrylic risers, you can create your own display using natural materials (wood slabs, driftwood, etc).


Even with layering multiple necklaces on one very tall, 18″H necklace display, it’s uncluttered and modern. Laying necklaces flat on a table really can lose the desired effect and minimizes the way a client can picture layering multiple pieces.


I typically recommend the clean, white, leatherette displays because of the delicate nature of the jewelry. Need help ordering? Simply contact and I’d be happy to make recommendations.


BONUS Tip: Make sure that the jewelry is placed back neatly or back onto the display correctly after a client has picked it up. Disheveled jewelry doesn’t sell, so take a moment to rearrange the jewelry back to your beautiful original display for maximum viewing pleasure!


4. Is there a brand/designer information sheet displayed with the jewelry?


As of September 2016, a new acrylic display showcasing brand information as well as information about yours truly is now available.

Tell the story behind the jewelry (without leaving it up to your team to memorize all of the facts). If you do not currently have this display, one will be included in your next order.

chelsea bond jewelry


5. Do my clients tend to gravitate towards gold, silver or both? Do they purchase a category of jewelry more frequently than others, i.e. necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings?


If you haven’t yet tracked this information, it’s highly recommended. Proven performers can make ordering much less daunting. If you need help concluding this information, feel free to send any reporting to and I’ll help you digest so you’re making informed decisions on what has already and will continue to fly off the shelf!

I’m here to help you, so please know that I’m always a resource that you can use.


6. Does my staff know about the quarterly sales contest incentive?


I hope so! This is meant to be an added tool of encouragement, so please send the information over if you haven’t yet done so. Q3 has just closed!


7. Am I coordinating Chelsea with my social media team to help promote the spa’s newest pieces of jewelry?


I post at least daily to my Instagram account (@chelseabondjewelry) and the Chelsea Bond Jewelry Facebook Business Fan Page , Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. These are all platforms to promote your spa with photos of jewelry displayed beautifully to attract clients, exclusive offerings you have in store, and more!

Let’s engage and connect our followers!

If you do not personally manage your spa’s social media account, please consider connecting me with the person who does so we can get started. Non-unity is a missed opportunity!


with latitude and gratitude