Are you tired of…


• Working from home and staring at the dishes and laundry that won’t just do themselves?


• Stuffing yourself in the closet to be able to take work or personal calls so the person calling doesnt think you’re running a baby (or puppy) daycare instead of a professional business?


• Not writing the book that you’ve always dreamed of writing?


• Sacrificing your sanity simply because you dont have a quiet space to actually use those meditation apps that you downloaded (last year?!)


• Going on vacation and not having a separate place to focus and catch up on tasks, while still feeling like you’re on vacation?


• Feeling like your home office walls are swallowing you whole (and it’s morphing into more of an all-purpose room vs. office)?


• Not getting your “me time” in to simply read a book, draw, make jewelry or just breathe?


Welcome to your new sanctuary! The GEM COVE is your haven for work + relaxation. Stop putting your dreams on hold and start that book, begin your daily meditation practice, prep that business plan or simply sit amongst the positive energy-filled amethyst + quartz gemstones.


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Amethyst: Supportive of the emotional body, bringing those who are overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed back to center. 

Clear Quartz acts as a deep soul cleanser, purifying and enhancing the body’s internal structure and surrounding subtle bodies to connect the physical dimension with the mind. It focuses on inner negativity and stimulates positive thoughts and feelings in its place. Quartz increases awareness and clarity in thinking, and provides enhanced energy, perseverance and patience.



I created this sanctuary work space after becoming frustrated that every time I had to take an important work call, I was running into rooms to shut the door before my dogs would start barking. Each time I went to a coffee shop, I had to drown out the noise, commotion and endless chatting all around me (and ear buds hurt after awhile)! The GEM COVE came out of my own entrepreneurial needs, so I can completely relate to needing a dedicated and productive space that also beams with positive energy. In traditional Feng Shui, water is associated to wealth and prosperity. The desk is in strategic position to receive the flow of abundance as the pool water flows towards you.


Water flowing towards you to promote abundance.


Surrounded by palm trees + succulents.



Sip your tea and soak in the spa-like vibes while watching the flowing fountains of the pool from your air-conditioned GEM COVE, rain or shine! Evening work after your day job a better fit? Simply turn on the lights to illuminate the GEM COVE and enjoy.


BYO breakfast or lunch, sit poolside before you start working and let the brainstorming begin amongst the palms. Soak in the vibes of the saltwater air that swirls around the barrier island. When you’re finished for the day, walk or drive just .5 mile to the sparkling shores of Indian Rocks Beach, feeling rested and accomplished after your day at GEM COVE.


Your daily + monthly rental package includes:

• Desk

• Couch w/ ottoman

• Wall outlets + power strip

• Wall-mountain European-style split level *extremely quiet* and unobtrusive A/C

• Wi-fi is free of charge, however connection is a bit hit or miss, therefore I recommend saving your offline work for the Gem Cove or bringing a hot spot connection. Mobile 4G connections are perfect.

• Outdoor seating around the pool, fire pit seating (does not include use of actual fire pit), pool loungers, outdoor table.




• Writing

• Downloaded Online courses

• Conference calls

• Meditation (and EFT)

• Reading/Studying

• Zen time (listening to audiobooks, creating vision boards, crafting)

• Relaxing while getting some work done while on vacation

• Escaping your busy office (or home office) to brighten and shift energy in a unique work space

• Product photography + editing

• Videography + editing

• Meetings (up to 2 people)

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to torrential downpours, we are not able to make the an external door available for the use of a private bathroom. This will be unavailable until after rainy season (finally) passes.**

The GEM COVE price schedule:

Daily Rates:
$30/half day M-F (9am-1pm)
$50/day M-F (9am-5pm)
BEST VALUE package:
$600/month (VIP Price $30/day) M-F (9am-5pm)

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rental office pinellas county
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