Five Essentials for the 2016 Mind, Body and Soul of Your Business December 29, 2015 – Posted in: Blog


As you ring in the New Year and brainstorm on how to up-level yourself as a business and innovator, it’s time to put your brand on the Autobahn and get ahead of the curve.

Advice for entrepreneurs for 2016










Being the darling of your respective industry comes with a worldwide canvas which is both inspiring and daunting. From kitschy outdated pics on social media sites to cheesy promotional koozies, say adios to uninspiring branding and hello to a borderline spiritual approach.

Check out my top five ideas on how to communicate your brand in 2016 by utilizing your mind, body and soul (with a little celebrity-inspired treatment along the way).



1. Branding Photography for Entrepreneurs

Struggling to put yourself out there to showcase your business?

Do you have a blurry vision that you just can’t seem to lock down outside of a few Pinterest boards?

When you think about recognizable brands and the personalities behind them, what comes to mind? Oprah and her handwritten styled signature, Anna Wintour and her bluntly cut red bob, Martha Stewart in her perfect kitchen with meticulously prepared…everything? They’re all examples of branding and most are put together by teams of professionals. From the wardrobe they select to the way they deliver their messages to the public, it’s a packaged deal.

Enter your VIP experience with your very own glam brand squad rolled into one bubbly person, Heidi Hapanowicz. Need a yacht for a photo shoot? Done. Need a plane? Done. Need someone for hair and makeup? You get the gist. I would know…those were all my requests. Heidi combines her talent for photography with a keen eye for website overhauls. She delivers an impeccable experience to up-level both existing brands and startup entrepreneurs.

Oh, and are you looking to brand yourself better than a selfie for your dating profile or LinkedIn pic? She does that too.

Heidi is based in Tampa, FL and available for domestic and international bookings. Click here to contact (her calendar fills up quickly).


Heidi Hapanowicz branding photography.












2. Brand Jewelry for Business

If you’d like to shop small, donate to charity, support a woman-owned business, and make an impact on sharing your brand in a life-long, wearable way…custom brand jewelry is the answer.

Translate the passion that you have for your own business to others through handcrafted brand jewelry by Chelsea Bond.

What is Brand Jewelry?

Your brand is an extension of your business’ soul. From the colors you choose to the aesthetic of your logo, both can be combined into necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Hand-selected gemstones to coordinate with your website template and the energy your brand emits are a powerhouse combination.

Do you want to carry a message to the world through a tagline that you use on your website or in your signage? This can be laser engraved onto a pendant and added to a gemstone which carries the positive energy of your messaging. This is truly a brand statement connecting a talisman which can be worn on your body and connected to the energy of your soul.

Chelsea Bond Jewelry brand jewelry

Custom brand jewelry by Chelsea Bond.











Would you like to sell this jewelry on your own website or in your store? Apply for a wholesale account to receive exclusive pricing and we’ll donate 5% of each order you place to your charity of choice.

Looking for another way to incorporate your message outside of your business? Think about a place in the world that you hold dear to your heart. Examples:

– where you were born
– where you vacationed as a child with your family
– where you went to college
– where you were engaged
– where you got married
– where you honeymoon
– where you vacation

Each location can be laser-engraved and incorporated into your brand jewelry.

Note: GPS jewelry is a wonderful bridal party gift!

Looking for a little celebrity style treatment?

Contact Chelsea for a concierge jewelry ROOM SERVICE complete with jewelry styling on the set of your photo shoot or TV set. 

Custom jewelry styling for photo shoots and TV appearances.

Natalia Levey of Healthy Intent (left) | Paula Brett – Artist (right)










Rachel Reumann on Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Rachel Reumann on Fox 13 Tampa Bay











Custom jewelry styling for photo shoots and TV appearances.

ROOM SERVICE – VIP style jewelry styling concierge by Chelsea Bond











3. Healthy Energy for Entrepreneurs

Coffee? No sleep? Lack of energy? It’s a recipe for disaster, a cocktail of commotion and offers little quality of life. So why do we entrepreneurs seem to all fall into the pattern?

This is one of my top priorities to resolve in 2016. The thought of truly shutting my brain down, noshing on paleo-inspired whole foods (extra points since I’ve been deemed gluten and dairy intolerant) and having more energy seems almost a foreign concept…until now.

Enter Natalia Levey. Professional Chef, Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, and Founder of Healthy Intent, Natalia’s core focus is helping entrepreneurs create healthy energy. What a concept!

I’ll be diving into her course in January and cannot wait to reap the benefits (who’s with me?). Contact Natalia to find out how this course can help you regain energy.

Look out for her book soon for all of the helpful tips and tricks she’s planning to share with ambitious entrepreneurs searching for the fountain of energy.


Healthy energy for entrepreneurs.












And even more good news? Natalia is releasing her book, “Cravings Boss” in early 2016.

Natalia Levey - Healthy Intent - Cravings Boss

Coming soon – Cravings Boss by Natalia Levey









4. Orange Theory Fitness

If the thought of a row of treadmills, a weight room, a line of rowers, and a trainer gives you chills, you’re not alone.

I promise you, it’s not scary.

As an entrepreneur I find myself working at all hours. If it wasn’t for two mini dachshunds staring me down to take them on their beloved walks, I would find it hard to leave my office some days. It’s the nature of owning a business…at times it can own you…and your body.

Three months ago my husband and I signed up for Orange Theory Fitness. We were both ready to kick it back into gear (pre-beach wedding mode) and took our first class.

My honest response after we signed up that day?

“Why did I just sign up for that? It was horrible!”

The truth is, after the initial workout I realized it actually changed my brain. I have no scientific research behind that, but I simply felt a shift. I was ready to go back. Starting off with just twice per week and eventually, I felt like every muscle was (crying) thanking me.

The great part about this workout (recently named #6 out of 7 hardest fitness classes in the US) is that if you sign up for a class, you’re locked in. It’s a commitment that makes it a non-negotiable for time-strapped entrepreneurs.

Orange Theory Fitness

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Cheers to a happy, healthy and wildly successful 2016. I hope you found a few useful ideas for your 2016 Mind, Body & Soul of your business. Comment below with your next steps to accomplish your goals in the New Year!