3 Calming Crystals To Ease Anxiety During Times of Uncertainty March 27, 2020 – Posted in: Blog

Various colorful crystals displayed on a nightstand made from a tree trunk slice

It goes without saying, but times are tough. They’re stressful and uncertain.

While my alarm (rudely) wakes me up each morning, there’s this split second of familiar normalcy that I find sweet solace in. I blink and reality quickly creaks its way back in to remind me of how things, however, are not normal. So, this is where calming crystals come into play. Revered for their color, beauty, and healing properties, crystals have a rich history as old as time. Carrying vibrational frequencies, these soothing stones promote the flow of good energy throughout the mind, body, and soul. I’ve compiled a quick list of 3 essential calming crystals for anxiety and worry to get you through these uncertain times.

Turquoise: The stone of the sky

Embrace the tranquil nature of turquoise-colored crystals to help ease anxiety and stress. Not only is turquoise soothing to the soul, but also to the touch. Holding or wearing turquoise balances our emotional states and restores our sagging spirits during trying times. Who knew such a striking-in-color stone could bring such a sense of peace and serenity?

Close up image of a small, smooth turquoise stone with light blue and black lines

Smoky Quartz: The stone of power

This powerful stone relieves tension, stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. It even wards off negative thinking and eliminates worry and doubt when faced with chaos and confusion. Smoky Quartz is the ultimate grounding crystal to bring your power right back down to Earth.

Close up image of a brown and spiky smoky quartz crystal

Amazonite: The stone of courage and truth

Another calming stone blessed with a turquoise-colored hue, Amazonite promises to soothe the spirit of an unsettled soul. Wearing the stone of courage calms the mind, channels anger into a more positive direction, and alleviates fear and worry.

Close up image of the texture of a blue-green amazonite stone and a black background

Below, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite wearable pieces to incorporate calming crystals into a hectic lifestyle. Every time I glance down at my body adorned with jewels, it’s a soothing reminder to breathe out all the negative energy I’ve accumulated throughout a worrisome day. If you’re interested in more ways of staying calm through this pandemic, read up on my latest mindful tips here. I wish you the best of luck in your crystal journey to mental and emotional serenity. We’re all in this together, and remember, better days are ahead!

Birds eye view image of turquoise, healing gemstone bracelets hanging on a clear acrylic bracelet display stand

Pro-tip: quarantining from home = loungewear all day. Jewelry is an easy way to “get ready” for the day without having to sacrifice comfort. Plus, who has the time to pick out a cohesive outfit just to wear it to the living room? Conference calls and emails will feel way more glamorous while wearing your favorite pair of sparkly earrings. Plus – they’ll go great with those sweatpants of yours!

Discover my favorite anti – anxiety jewelry pieces that incorporate elements of turquoise, smoky quartz, and amazonite:

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