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WARNING: This article may completely inspire you to customize and personalize bridesmaid’s jewelry gifts for the rest of your life.  Please expect puddles of happy tears, air-tight hugs and “OMG I’m in love’s” immediately upon opening their ready-to-gift packages. I give you, Bridesmaid’s Jewelry – Gifts that Don’t Suck.

By: Chelsea Bond



Caitlin Guariglia and Michael Burns wedding at Le Reve Resort and Spa in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Photo: Del Sol Photography.

Below you will find the list of questions that I asked myself as a bride about bridesmaid’s jewelry.

After working with countless brides around the world, I now know I’m not alone. Not a bride? Keep these tips in mind for holiday gift-giving time…it’s rapidly approaching!


Why is it so important to present bridesmaid’s gifts that truly represent who they are?

Think of it this way. Remember when Aunt Sally {and Uncle Joe} gave you those sweaters every year for Christmas/Hannukah/Christmakuh?

Your bridesmaid’s gifts can either be the Aunt Sally sweaters, or they can be true to the person who has happily accepted the offer to support you throughout your journey of becoming a Mrs. What better way to show your appreciation than to present a jewelry collection that was specifically designed for her?

Caitlin Guariglia and Michael Burns wedding at Le Reve Resort and Spa in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Caitlin Guariglia and Michael Burns wedding at Le Reve Resort and Spa in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Photo: Del Sol Photography.


Unlike overly commercialized monogram tote bags, jewelry is something they can wear day in and day out, for special occasions and beyond to forever look back on your wedding with smiles and warm fuzzies {rather than chucking it in the back of her closet.}


*Note: It is traditional to gift your Maid of Honor with something additional beyond what you may be giving to your bridesmaids. Think about also getting her some additional custom jewelry, such as a pair of earrings or necklace to be worn well beyond the wedding day as an extra, “Thank You!”


Sweet moments between Dawn and her Maid of Honor of putting on her wedding bracelet.

Sweet moments between Dawn and her Maid of Honor of putting on her wedding bracelet. Photo: Del Sol Photography

How does it all begin with customizing bridesmaid’s jewelry? What if I don’t have any idea where to start?


Outsource and do not overwhelm {yourself}. The beauty of the custom jewelry design process is you can sit back, throw out adjectives that best describe the personalities of your beloved bridesmaids and let the magic happen.


beach wedding jewelry

A destination wedding in paradise isn’t complete without endless kisses and cherished moments. Photo: Lucidum Photography.



If you haven’t done so yet, check out the fabulous article that will surely relieve you of your gifting stress {and actually make it an exciting experience!} Click here to find out about it!


How is the jewelry packaged? Will I have to do anything additional to beautify prior to presenting  their gifts?


Back to the beginning we go! No need to take any additional steps to glam up your individual gifts. Each pair of barefoot sandals is beautifully packaged in individual gorgeous Chelsea Bond Jewelry velvet bags.


barefoot sandals for beach wedding

One-of-a-kind beach wedding barefoot sandals. Photo: Sweetfire Photography


All necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and hair jewelry are packaged in additional organza bags and/or jewelry boxes so all you have to do is hand deliver = yet another thing you don’t have to put on your “to do” list!  Can I get a “Hell Yes!”


Turquoise Necklace bridesmaids jewelry by Chelsea Bond Jewelry.

Custom MAYA AFRICA Necklace and All smiles on Heidi’s wedding day at Excellence Riviera Cancun.


How long does it take to design and ship?


It is highly recommended to order custom jewelry at minimum two months from the day you are departing for your wedding. There are so many moving pieces when planning a wedding, especially one that involves travel for you and your wedding party. Look at when  you should be ordering on the schedule HERE.


This is an opportunity to turn what could be a huge stress at the last minute, to something you don’t have to worry about at all!


Chelsea Bond Jewelry custom jewelry for destination wedding brides captured by Del Sol Photography.

Dawn Tidwell and Weldon Doughten wedding at Amarte Maroma in Maroma Beach, Riviera Maya, Mexico. Photo: Del Sol Photography.


Orders are designed in the order they are received. There are ONLY 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE EACH MONTH. There is no way to predict how many custom orders may precede yours, therefore it is best to leave sufficient time to design as well as ship.

Click here to read the details on ordering your very own custom jewelry collection of bridesmaid’s jewelry and bridal jewelry.

pearl bangle with druzy earrings

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to leave the stress behind and focus on being a bride? Simply contact Chelsea today to make your wildest jewelry dreams come true.


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