Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide for the Travel-Loving Mom May 4, 2020 – Posted in: Blog

Airplane traveling over ocean.

Shopping for Mother’s Day is never easy an easy task. In order to ease the panic, we’ve created the ultimate Mother’s Day jewelry gift guide for the travel-loving mom.

Maybe your mom is the type that has everything she could possibly want. Maybe she’s the type that says to not buy her anything at all. This year, you may be at a crossroads, but one thing’s for sure: you know mom has a thing for jewelry. Handcrafted jewelry is sentimental, personal, and one-of-a-kind. Go ahead and grow mom’s jewelry box collection – we’re sure she won’t mind. Below, discover which of the 5 types of jewelry just might hold a special place in mom’s wanderlust heart.

1. Pearl Jewelry: Inspired by Spain

Pearl jewelry for the travel-loving mom. Pearl earrings and pearl bracelet inspired by the golden shores of Andalucia, Spain and Marbella, Spain.

Since mom’s been bitten by the travel bug, help her cope with quarantine by gifting her travel-inspired jewelry. For the globetrotting mom who keeps things classy from sun-up to sun-down, pearl jewelry is an easy go-to Mother’s Day gift. The days of saving pearls specifically for special occasions are behind us. Therefore, even if mom goes casual 24/7, pearls can elevate a look whether she’s running errands or running her business. Pearls give the wearer a sense of calmness and help women connect with their inner goddesses. Sounds like major mom power to me.

Shop the ‘MARBELLA SOL’ Bracelet and ‘ANDALUCIA’ Earrings. Each handcrafted with one-of-a-kind pearls from the sea and inspired by the sun-drenched, golden shores of Spain. Timeless pieces with a modern twist.

2. Agate Druzy Jewelry: Inspired by Belize

Agate druzy jewelry for the travel-loving mom. Agate druzy earrings and agate druzy bracelet inspired by the sparkling, blue waters of Belize.

Agate druzy jewels are for the travel-loving mom who has eternal wanderlust and a love for the sea. While traveling, agate encourages safety, self-confidence, and promotes inner stability. Secondly, agate is also a protection stone to keep close whenever one feels the need for extra emotional or physical protection. If mom’s the type to have left her heart with the sea, let her reminisce with these Caribbean-inspired jewelry pieces. No two druzies are the same – each as unique as mom.

Shop the ‘BELIZEAN’ Earrings and ‘CAYE’ Bracelet. Each handcrafted with agate druzy geodes and inspired by the sparkling, blue waters of Belize in the Caribbean.

3. Gold Jewelry Lover: Inspired by Greece

Gold jewelry for the wanderlust mom. Gold jewelry inspired by the golden sunsets of Santorini.

For the mother who’s always dripping in the warmth of gold. Gold attracts positive energy, wealth, and happiness. In addition, it also assists in attuning to nature and its healing forces. Whether Santorini is one of mom’s favorite travel destinations or it’s simply been on her bucket list for far too long, let mom daydream of warm sunsets without ever having to leave the couch. In other words, travel may not be in the cards this year so its time for travel-inspired jewels to have its moment to shine.

Shop the ‘THALASSO’ Aromatherapy Earrings and ‘GOLDEN SANTORINI’ Necklace. Both handcrafted with 14k gold-filled materials and inspired by the golden sunsets of Santorini, Greece.

4. Silver Jewelry Lover: Inspired by Mexico

Travel-inspired silver jewelry for the globetrotting mom. Jewelry inspired by the beaches of Mexico.

For the globetrotting mother who leans more toward cool tones than warm, this one’s for you. For example, silver is the color of the moon. Likewise, it is also known to carry the energies of the moon. If mom has been stuck in a funk lately, consider this: silver reflects negativity away, which makes it a metal of magical protection and security.

Shop the ‘TULUM UNA’ Ear Threaders and ‘LOS CABOS SILVER MOON’ Ring. Inspired by the sparkling seas and moonlit beaches of Mexico.

5. Gemstone Jewelry: Inspired by Portugal

Gemstone statement earrings and gemstone druzy bracelet inspired by Portugal.

Gemstone jewelry is for the travel-loving mom who loves adding pops of color while making a big statement. Labradorite strengthens auras and assists in enhancing her connection with intuition. Moonstone is deeply connecting with the push and pull of feminine cycles and awakens radiant and empowered femininity. And lastly, howlite will give the gift of wisdom and enlightenment. Plus, the best part about buying mom travel-inspired jewelry: you don’t need to know her size or whether she prefers the aisle to the window seat.

Shop the ‘LAGOA’ Earrings and ‘ALGARVE’ Bracelet. Each handcrafted with moonstone, labradorite, rainbow calsilica, and turquoise howlite, and inspired by the colorful regions of Portugal.

In short, whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day by mom’s side or over a Facetime call, simply showing mom some extra love on her special day will forever be the ultimate, foolproof Mother’s Day gift.

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