Calypso Titanium Bracelets, Brass Bangle Bracelets

  • Titanium agate druzy beads hand wired on brass bangle.

Each bangle bracelet is one-of-a-kind. Choose from three different colors of Titanium Agate Druzy Beads. Each bracelet is wired by hand.

Handcrafted on a US Barrier Island. The CALYPSO bangle bracelet is inspired by the sparkle of the Caribbean Sea. 



Explore the iconic design and artistry of Chelsea Bond for women CALYPSO Bracelets. Titanium agate druzy beads are handwired onto a brass bangle.

What inspired the CALYPSO Titanium Agate Druzy Bangle Bracelet?

The CALYPSO bracelet is inspired by the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea.
The CALYPSO bangle bracelet pairs beautifully with a stack of gemstone bracelets, additional bangle bracelets, or can be worn on its own. Wear the bangle slightly higher on your forearm to style like a Greek Goddess. 

Blue, Bronze, Silver


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