Lake Como Druzy Geode Agate Gold Ring


Handcrafted on a US barrier island with gold, brass + one-of-a-kind agate druzy. Gold attracts positive energy, wealth + happiness. Agate is a protection stone. While traveling, it encourages safety, self-confidence, and promotes inner stability.

• Fully adjustable – one size fits all

• Each agate druzy ring is one-of-a-kind

• Pair this ring with the LAKE COMO Bangle, ALGARVE Bracelet, ALVOR PRAIA Earrings, and ANDALUCIA Necklace

statement rings with colors

statement rings with druzy


Inspired by the sparkling waters of Lake Como in Italy. This design was created as the perfect compliment to the LAKE COMO bangle bracelet. Fully adjustable – one size fits all.

Druzy Agate Color Options:

• Turquoise (*OUT OF STOCK*)
• Gray
• Brown
• Tan
• Fuschia Purple
• Deep Purple

statement rings with colors


Deep Purple, Dark Brown, Tan, Fuschia Purple, Gray


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