Designed on a US barrier island. Sterling silver gemstone ear jackets. Available in Moonstone and in Labradorite. 1″W (jacket width). Earrings can be worn as post earrings/studs as well! Transform your look by mixing the stud and jacket in different gemstones.


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Add the glamour to your outfit with the POSITANO GEMSTONE EAR JACKETS for every occasion and night out. Keep your lover’s eyes on you permanently for the night and never compromise on your beauty with the sparkly gems giving you all the attention that you deserve. The POSITANO GEMSTONE EAR JACKETS has been handcrafted with all manner of expertise to meet your beauty and fashion needs. You can always make your choice between the Moonstone variety and Labradorite. Whatever tickles your fashion fancy. They are as beautiful as they come and will definitely leave you looking better than the other lady or any other lady in the mix. They are also perfect gift ideas for the beautiful women in your life. It can serve for any purpose and for any occasion.


  • Gemstone packed: The gemstones are shiny, beautiful and colorful and they have been injected into the Positano gemstone ear jackets to improve everything about your fashion sense. They will add to your beauty, class, and sophistication. They are also priceless and will, sure enough, redefine your fashion sense in a totally exhaustive way.
  • Stylish: They are beautiful in every way. The right jackets for your ears designed to fit into your outfits and moods.
  • Exclusively for women: They are one of the best fashion accessories for every woman out there. They are glamorous enough to show all of that beauty to everyone who is willing to take a look.
  • Strong and durable: They Positano gemstone ear jackets have been handcrafted to last a very long time whatever the rate of usage. They are easy to care for and do not require much attention. They will be lasting you for a very long time.
  • Gift item: You can always get one for the special people in your life. They are the perfect gift item.

Moonstone, Labradorite


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