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One of the sexiest things you could give yourself as a gift {or that special someone} is your last photoshoot as a Miss in a gorgeous boudoir photography shoot!


We’re women, hear us roar! Ok, I know that’s a little “burn your bra-ish” sounding but it’s true. Juggling everything from personal life, social life, work life and beyond, it’s no wonder that some of our sultriness can pack its bags for its own vacay, especially around planning a wedding.

All conversations tend to revolve around guest lists, flower choices and the ever so popular, place settings. Va va voom!


Celebrate your bachelorette {with yourself as the main event}.

Good news, there IS a way to not only capture your essence during one of the happiest times of your life, but to commemorate your last photos as a Miss with a flawless boudoir photography shoot in Playa del Carmen!


While some women may be uncomfortable with the thought of slipping into Bombshell style undergarments, I’ve never heard anyone complain after seeing the end product.


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And hey, a little champagne never hurts help locate your inner Bombshell!

To present or not to present.

Whether you’re planning on presenting them to your significant other as a {{super siren hot}} thoughtful gift, or having them all to yourself, it’s just another experience we can have as women that is unmatched. Draping yourself in gorgeous jewelry, sexy lingerie that might just be more fun to wear during a photoshoot vs. in the boudoir, and a toast to YOU is what’s on the menu.


Just add sweetener.

To sweeten this sultry deal even more, if purchased by 12.15.12 photography is giving an exclusive offer to members of the Barefoot Bombshells Club a $100!

P.S. It doesn’t hurt that co-founder Laura of has a list of clients that include celebrities + internationally recognized magazines.



Not sweet enough?

You’ll also get a 10% discount off of a JetSetter Jewelry purchase of your choice OR a 10% credit towards custom {Red-i} By Chelsea jewelry!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Act now and take advantage of this fantastic offer that will leave yourself thinking, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

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