Five Healing Crystals to Help You Recover from a Night in Las Vegas July 29, 2018 – Posted in: Blog

How to Use Crystal Energy to Recover from a Night in Las Vegas (and any other party location around the globe)


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Have you planned your trip with great intentions of a balanced getaway or perhaps, you have plans to run on the treadmill in the morning? Try having a cocktail or two that evening.



You will realize you’re in a party capital of the world and all of that swirls right down the commode


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I have put together a crash course on Crystal Healing that will have you vertical before you see the sun setting out your floor to ceiling window.

In healing yourself in this fast-paced world, you need to utilize your crystals and energy jewelry to provide a new path of self-care, rejuvenation of mental and spiritual energy


Five Pieces of Crystal Jewelry to Pack in Your Carry On


1. Clear Quartz/Rock Crystal

Assistance with tiredness + fatigue. Organizes and harmonizes on all parts of the body in which it comes into contact. Shop for your rock crystal jewelry here.

• Calming and helps establish clarity in the mind

• Restores a more balanced energy


2. Rose Quartz

One of the most powerful stones for emotional healing. Shop for your rose quartz jewelry here.

• Can assist in the reduction of aggravating or aggressive conditions to promote better understanding and self-worth.

• Assists in the neutralization of self-damage and emotional stress. It is a stone of love and tenderness.


3. Amethyst

A stone of intuition, classified as semi-precious for its rarity of gem-quality stones. Shop for your amethyst jewelry here.

• Helps with issues concerning anxiety, nervous headaches and even digestive disorders.

• Increases shrewdness and intelligence


4. Moonstone

Encourages a fluidity and flexibility in all body systems which may have been interrupted by shock and stress. Shop for your moonstone jewelry here.

• It assist in personal intuition, enhances calm + stability

• Enhances emotional balance


5. Labradorite

Prevents energy leakage and protects and protects from others depleting your energy reserve. Shop for your labradorite jewelry here.

• Provides assistance as a barrier to prevent undesirable elements from our lives

• Utilizes Water energy, bringing the power of regeneration and rebirth


This will help your preparation for your next trip.

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