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Submitting your order in accordance with delivery timelines is crucial for a seamless purchasing experience. Here’s an insightful look into why timing matters:


Importance of Timely Order Submission

1. Ensures Prompt Delivery:

By submitting your order aligned with the delivery timelines, you maximize the chances of receiving your products when you need them. This is especially important for time-sensitive events, special occasions, incoming groups, and holidays. Is your order going overseas from the US? Submit your PO as soon as you possibly can as customs delays are out of our control.


2. Facilitates Efficient Planning:

Raw material inventory and (wo)manpower are based on the orders that come in. Timely orders allow for better resource management, ensuring that your product is packed and dispatched without unnecessary delays.


3. Prioritization of Orders:

Orders are processed in the sequence they are received. Prompt submission prevents your order from falling to the back of the queue, especially during peak seasons when delays are more likely.


4. Minimizes Risk of Stockouts:

Popular items with limited inventory raw materials may run out of stock quickly. Early orders reduce the risk of encountering stockouts, thereby avoiding the disappointment of having to select an alternative product.


5. Allows for Customization Time:

For customized or made-to-order products, placing your order considering the handcrafted creation and delivery time is essential to ensure that you receive the item exactly as you want it, with no need for rushed workmanship.


Being Mindful of Order Processing

Remember, from the moment you click “submit,” your order starts its journey through a sequence of meticulously planned steps, from processing to shipping. Being mindful of this process encourages a more thoughtful and efficient approach to ordering for your retail space. It’s not just about when you want an item to arrive, but also when you place the order to set that journey in motion. 

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