CBJ BRAND DISPLAY PACKAGE March 13, 2019 – Posted in: Uncategorized

After years of working with prestigious Retail Partners in the luxury spa + hotel industry, we have put together the ideal mix of displays and fixtures to showcase your dazzling orders of Chelsea Bond Jewelry. A professional display that is light, airy, clean + consistent creates a profitable and professional guest experience.

-Chelsea Bond

What is the importance of a cohesive brand display?

A cohesive brand display showcases your professional dedication to a beautiful retail experience curated just for your guests. Jewelry that is tossed onto a table or laid against random knick-knacks doesn’t convey the up-leveled experience of Chelsea Bond Jewelry or your dedication to providing a one-of-a-kind guest experience. With a simple tweak of a display/fixture, it elevates the entire experience.

Hunting for the perfect mix of displays is time-consuming.

Curating the perfect amount of displays and fixtures that blend seamlessly while expertly showcasing a jewelry line can be intimidating. We have taken out the guesswork and curated this beautiful display package for opening orders (and for overhauling your existing jewelry display which may be missing cohesion). This can be done at any time, but is most ideal when ordering your first shipment of jewelry so it can be set up properly from the beginning.

The 18″H white leatherette necklace busts are a statement piece in and of themselves, a simple elevated bracelet bar takes bracelets to a new level, and earring t-bars are complimented by a modern 3-tier earring display.

Eye-level displays = more revenue.

Acrylic risers of varying heights allow you to create more space and air within a vertical compact design by elevating key elements within your setup. Shoppers who do not have to lean over to see jewelry lying flat on a table experience a more comfortable shopping experience with jewelry at eye-level. This also allows for natural light to catch the sparkle of the druzies and gemstones.

Establish an emotional connection.

Your CBJ Brand Display Package also comes with a complimentary brand information sign. This is a crucial piece of marketing material that serves as a shelf talker and is available in either the 5×7 size shown below, or 8.5×11 size. Without this sign, guests are not able to connect as well emotionally to the story and purpose of each element throughout the collection.


A CBJ Product Training Presentation is e-mailed with your first order. This details additional tips on how to set up and merchandise your jewelry within the display in order to maximize sales.

Request to add the CBJ Brand Display to your current order or simply order independently if you are overhauling your existing displays.

Complimentary CBJ Brand Display Package

The CBJ Brand Display Package includes:

• (3) 18″H White Leatherette Necklace Displays

• (1) Gold + White Triple Earring Bar Display

• (2) 3-pack sets of acrylic risers

• (1) 6-pack of earring t-bars

• (1) Brand information sign

• (1) Bracelet Bar

Additional complimentary 5×7 signage is available upon request for the following: Luxury Leather Jewelry Rolls, Aromatherapy Jewelry, Gemstone energy, etc.