Wellness Jewelry: Personal Health Equals Personal Wealth August 29, 2018 – Posted in: Blog

What is Wellness Jewelry?

You select healthy organic produce at the market, choose skincare that includes SPF and you go to the gym.

In the midst of these choices, you are pulled in sixteen different directions, never fully able to take a moment to shut off your mind, and every day seems to be more chaotic than the next.


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You are not alone. Many of us can check the box of each of the ingredients above to achieve a healthy lifestyle. So, where does energetically-charged wellness jewelry come into all of this, you ask?


Over the last four years, I’ve practiced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). While this may sound like something from a woo-woo blog, I assure you that it has been life-changing. Feel free to check out my articles on it here.


In addition to this practice, I’ve incorporated that energy into wellness jewelry that has been inspired by travels around the world. Truthfully, it’s also inspired in part by an endless quest to achieve a quiet mind. Designing jewelry is truly therapeutic, and in that process of being mindful, a beautiful necklace, earring, ring or bracelet is created for you.

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Check out some of our most popular gemstones and metals and their associated energetic properties here.

Every crystal and gemstone is a living organism. Wild, isn’t it? While they are incredibly beautiful, the fact that they truly alive makes me have a different kind of love for them.

Have you ever felt drawn to a piece of jewelry?

There’s even more reason as to why you have felt like that. You and the crystal are actually on the same frequency. This is such a hot topic and becoming so widely recognized that American Spa Magazine selected Chelsea Bond Jewelry in their September 2018 feature, “Five Pieces of Wellness-Inspired Jewelry Your Spa Needs to Retail”.


Chelsea bond jewelry

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Click here to find gemstone and metal energy wellness jewelry to help support you on your very own personal journey to a balanced mind, body and soul. As we know, personal health equals personal wealth. Let us adorn ourselves in beauty during the process!


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