Cabo Del Sol Bracelet

Handcrafted on a US barrier island with one-of-a-kind druzy and agate gemstones.

• Stretch bracelet O/S fits all unless otherwise requested change in notes

• One-of-a-kind druzy agate available in turquoise, gray, and brown

• Agate druzy beads are available in bronze, turquoise, and silver beads.


Product ID: 35241 SKU: CBJ3B-bg | CBJ3B-bb | CBJ3B-bbr | CBJ3B-blg | CBJ3B-blb | CBJ3B-blbr | CBJ3B-sg | CBJ3B-sb | CBJ3B-sbr Category: Tags: , , , , ,

Wear this stretch bracelet along with our many stackable beaded bracelets or on its own for a statement.


bronze bead/gray druzy, bronze bead/blue druzy, bronze bead/brown druzy, blue bead/gray druzy, blue bead/blue druzy, blue bead/brown druzy, silver bead/gray druzy, silver bead/blue druzy, silver bead/brown druzy


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