How to Spa on The Go: Aromatherapy Bracelets by Chelsea Bond October 20, 2017 – Posted in: Blog

Are you stressed at work? At home? On the way to work? Seemingly, everywhere you go nowadays?


It’s no surprise based on the fact that we are tethered to our electronics, the pressure is higher than ever to get there faster, stronger, and looking great while doing it.


Now, close your eyes and think of the last time you stepped into a spa.


Let me help you remember…



You walked into a magical land of zen. The second you stepped foot inside the reception area, you smelled the most incredible notes of lavender and were greeted with a calm and welcoming voice. Do you hear the beautiful fountain as the water trickles down through the pebbles? 



You change into a cozy robe and you’re escorted to a sanctuary lounge where once again, you’re greeted with notes of eucalyptus, peppermint, and happiness. You sink into your oversized lounger as you await your treatment. Next, you’re taken to a room with soothing music, low-lighting, and calming aromas.


Now, open your eyes. Are you sitting in front of a computer? Are you staring at your phone?


While we aren’t necessarily able to make it to the spa each day, we ARE able to spa on the go to nourish our soul. How, you ask? 


aromatherapy jewelry


Inspired by the flowing waters of Santorini, the ‘THALASSO’ Bracelet and ‘MINI THALASSO’ Bracelet are best-sellers.


mini aromatherapy spa bracelet

‘MINI THALASSO’ Gemstone + Lava Aromatherapy Bracelet

aromatherapy spa bracelet

‘THALASSO’ Gemstone + Lava Aromatherapy Bracelet


Each bracelet is handcrafted with your own choice of one-of-a-kind gemstones and centered with a porous lava bead. I recommend 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil (I love lavender and peppermint) to take that zen feeling with you all day long!

Choose from a variety of color options and stack them up to create your own signature look (and scent)! Each bracelet is finished with an ancient form of design, a wire-wrapped freshwater pearl which exudes femininity.

TIP: Looking for an amazing men’s gift? Simply order your bracelets without the pearl for a more unisex look.



As always, each piece of Chelsea Bond Jewelry comes with a signature logo gift bag, keepsake jewelry description card detailing the energy of the piece and how to use it, and a card for jewelry care instructions. Order yours today!


Interested in placing a wholesale order? Please email to apply for a wholesale account.



I can’t wait for you to experience zen-on-the-go with our aromatherapy bracelets!



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