Thalasso Aromatherapy Spa Bracelet

Each aromatherapy spa bracelet can be customized by color. Simply drop 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oils directly to the center black lava bead to enjoy spa everywhere you go with the Thalasso Aromatherapy Spa Bracelet.

10mm gemstone, lava bead & pearl aromatherapy stretch bracelet. Essential oil not included.
Handcrafted on a US barrier island with gemstones, lava bead and pearl. Inspired by the love of Spa and flowing water.
Lava is a stone of strength and stability in times of change. It strengthens our connection to Mother Earth.
Additional color options are below. Please indicate color choice in the notes section at checkout.


Add essential oils to your bracelet as the day goes on for a deeper scent. *Only dab the essential oil directly to the lava bead, never directly to the skin or other beads.

Create your own unique style with your Thalasso Aromatherapy Spa Bracelet by mixing and matching your bracelet with other zen-inspired spa bracelets. Mix and match colors of Chelsea’s aromatherapy spa bracelets to create your own one-of-a-kind collection.

These bracelets make the perfect gift for friends and family who love relaxation and style.

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