Children’s Aromatherapy Corfu Bracelet


Handcrafted on a US barrier island with agate beads, 14k gold-filled materials, and freshwater pearls. The Corfu bracelet is created with faceted gemstones and lava beads. Bracelets are designed for ages 5+.

  • Under adult supervision, drop 2-3 drops of essential oil directly onto the lava bead for a calming, spa-on-the-go bracelet
  • Select from 6mm gemstone color options here and add choices in “Optional Notes” at checkout
Aromatherapy jewelry is a beautiful way to wear something aesthetically beautiful with a purpose. Whether you are looking for peace and tranquility or boosting your energy, find an essential oil that suits you and spa-on-the-go for the entire family.


Select from various colors of 6mm gemstone children’s aromatherapy bracelets below:

Color options for necklace.


Notate color(s) at checkout

Lava Bead

Black, Brown


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