Tahiti Bracelet with Gold and Abalone Shell


Handcrafted on a US barrier island with 14k gold-filled chain and gold-dipped abalone shell. Adjustable bracelet. 6″L w/ 2″L extender chain.


Get your wrists dipped in 14k gold and shiny gold crusted abalone shell with this Tahiti women’s bracelet designed for all manner of elegance. They are a perfect fit for every wrist and can be adjusted to fit in a tight manner or lose manner, whichever way you need it with their 6″L w/ 2″L extender chains. Your wrists are going to get you all the attention that you need with this Tahiti women’s bracelet on them. They are elegant, classy, and beautiful and will leave you flawless. They are the perfect fashion accessory for whatever outfit you intend rocking for the day. They also come in as perfect gift alternatives for the special person in your life.


  • 14k gold and abalone shell: They come all shiny, precious and sophisticated. The TAHITI BRACELET WITH GOLD AND ABALONE SHELL is made from an explosive combination of 14 karat gold and a beautifully designed abalone shell, shiny from all angles. They are the right tools for fashion expression.
  • Thrilling design: The TAHITI BRACELET WITH GOLD AND ABALONE SHELL is designed to suit all your fashion need and also highlight every bit of your fashion sense. Get one for yourself and you will never fall out of love with the elegant shape and design. They will compliment you to the last.
  • Strong and lightweight: They are soft, lightweight and gentle on the skin. They won’t ever inure you. They are strong too and have been designed to last long enough. They won’t be breaking anytime soon so you won’t have to shop for a replacement anytime soon.
  • Adjustable to any size: They can be adjusted to fit whatever wrist size they are worn on. You won’t have to worry about the size being too big or too small for your wrists.


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