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Glittering coastlines which stretch from the emerald shores of my barrier island in Florida to the deep blues of the Andaman Sea are forever embedded in each piece of jewelry that I create.

From the conception stage of the piece(reminiscing about sky high cliffs and foamy white-capped waves) to sourcing each and every material myself, travel is the heart and soul of Chelsea Bond Jewelry.

Adding the elements of sunkissed skin, tousled beach waves, and the feeling of, “Let this never end”, creates the perfect trifecta.

blue-solar-quartz-gold-earrings-min blue-druzy-adjustable-bracelet-min


In the most recent launch of over fifty new pieces of Spa Jewelry, the hues ranging from turquoise to ceylon, rich bronzes and purples, to sparkling golden chains, the escapes around the globe are endless. While you may not be able to hop on a plane, sail the high seas, or even drive to your favorite destination, each piece of jewelry is designed to transport you to these glittering locales.


Just as no two waves are the same, many gemstones and druzies are also one-of-a-kind. As I select which stones to incorporate into each piece of jewelry, I think about you and what I want you to naturally feel when wearing them.

Just as a natural calmness overtakes the body at a shoreline, I want you to feel like the confident, sexy, brilliant woman that you are as soon as you slip on a piece of your Chelsea Bond Jewelry.




Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings designed with one-of-a-kind amethyst, quartz druzies, moonstone and sparkling geodes have been selected just for you. Delicate, romantic gold chains move with your body and highlight your natural glow. Hand-wired bangles float down your arm like a modern day goddess.

Just as people adorned themselves in ancient times with jewels for protection, to feel empowered and even to represent status, you too can adorn yourself in a lifetime of memories or reminders of your bucket list through your jewelry. This is how to master the art of sexy, wearable travel.


labradorite-gold-drop-earrings-minchelseabondjewelry-1--minGemstone bracelet with gold geode charm.


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