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Clearing, harmonizing, and energizing are natural-born talents of crystals. Not only beautiful from an aesthetic standpoint, but healing energy from crystal decor can transform spaces and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

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As a jewelry designer, my biggest inspiration is the sight of incredible gemstones and crystals to transform a vision into a wearable reality. Based on years of incredible partnerships with suppliers from around the world, Chelsea Bond Jewelry is now offering crystal decor sourcing services for home and spa. This service is ideal for:

• Hotel, Resort + Spa Owners/Management

• Retail Directors

• Interior Designers

• Home Stagers/Realtors

Experienced in customs requirements, import/export, and international trade, I work with many of the world’s most luxurious spas and hotels and resorts around the globe who retail Chelsea Bond Jewelry. I have collaborated with Spa Directors and Hotel Management internationally who have requested crystal decor sourcing services to enhance experiences upon entry to their facilities. This natural-born connection between the healing energy of crystals and design have married to offer my crystal decor sourcing services.

The Perfect Crystal

Whether you find yourself searching for the perfect dramatic cathedral amethyst to usher guests into your spa, or shelf-friendly crystal points to display retail items, virtually any size is possible. Crystal decor sourcing can become overwhelming, quickly. Let us do the legwork for you in order to find the perfect crystals.

healing crystals


TIMING: Please note if you are placing an order for crystal decor that must be in time for an opening of your hotel, spa, storefront, or in-time for your next party, allow enough time for sourcing/shipping/any unforeseen customs delays when ordering.

CRYSTAL INVENTORY: Please note that we do not keep crystal decor inventory in order to source real-time from our suppliers. Crystals arrive from around the world on a daily basis, therefore this allows us the greatest flexibility to source the perfect crystals for you.

WHOLESALE ORDERING: All crystal decor orders for Chelsea Bond Jewelry Retail Partners in good standing are eligible for Net 30. If you would like to apply to become a Retail Partner, click here. Please note if you are not a current Chelsea Bond Jewelry Retail Partner, all payments are due prior to shipping your crystals. Your invoice will be sent and is due immediately prior to shipping.

CUSTOMS/SHIPPING: All crystal decor orders will be quoted based on the size of the shipment/weight. Due to the fragile nature of crystals, extreme care is required in packaging. All packages require insurance (both domestic and international shipments). Any unforeseen customs delays are not the responsibility of Chelsea Bond Jewelry.

I look forward to helping you refresh and rejuvenate your sacred space.

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