Barefoot Sandal Feature Stones by Chelsea Bond Jewelry June 28, 2017 – Posted in: Blog, Uncategorized

If you’re contemplating a pair of barefoot jewelry, but you aren’t sure which options are available for that pop of color, look no further!

Barefoot sandals for beach weddings and bridesmaids by Chelsea Bond Jewelry

Our barefoot sandals have been worn for destination weddings, beach parties, pool parties, and more all around the world.


Custom bridesmaid barefoot jewelry for a Mexico wedding.

Custom barefoot jewelry by Chelsea Bond for Lauren’s wedding.

View just a sampling of our work here: 


To ease your custom barefoot jewelry-buying mind, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Choose your primary bead color (clear seed beads included at no additional charge)

  2. Choose a secondary bead color (if you would like a secondary color)

  3. Measure your ankle

  4. Measure from the center of your ankle to your second toe (at the base of where your toe meets your foot) This will be where your barefoot jewelry connects.

  5. Shoe Size

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For ease of selecting feature stone colors, take a look at our curated trays of barefoot sandal options:

Red • Pink • Orange




pink and orange beads


Yellow • Green • Blue



Purple • Iridescent




*Please note that color selections are subject to availability. If the same stone/crystal/bead that you see here is not available, we will include the closest possible match. Additional small crystals in your desired colors (2-3 millimeters in size) may be used in your design based on availability.

*All designs are one-of-a-kind. Chelsea puts her very own personal touch into each pair of barefoot sandals, so there is a wonderful element of surprise that is included in the design. Please note you may not be given an exact picture of the design beforehand.

• Pricing: $75 $60 pricing for each pair of barefoot sandals is based on the featured stones included in this post, along with the included 2 colors for your primary and secondary bead options.

• Pricing includes a complimentary velvet logo signature gift bag and plastic jewelry bag for safekeeping. If you require other options, a new quote will be provided based on other selections.

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