5 Mindful Tips During An Unexpected Pandemic, a Standing Baby and a Gold Surge March 19, 2020 – Posted in: Blog

You’re going to have a baby, run a business that increases in orders by almost double, a pandemic is going to happen, the price of gold is going to skyrocket, your baby’s school is going to shut down after his first 3 amazing weeks there and you’ll have zero childcare (after having it be you and your husband 24/7 for the first 8 months). Oh, and he’s about to start walking.

– 2019


Wow, 2019, you really nailed it.

– 2020

It’s wild out there. You already know this. As we take it day by day, I’ve compiled a quick list of 5 tips to help remind us how to thrive during this uncertain period. 


Whether on a walk at our local nature preserves or at the botanical gardens, it’s pretty incredible to see people moving around with smiles on their faces and enjoying nature. It’s easy enough to get caught up in the news cycle, frightening numbers and an endless panic, but if there is fresh air, the sun is shining and you have the ability to do so, MOVE. It can completely alter your mind, body and spirit.


Whether it has been groups created to support the spa industry and its vendors, local groups to support residents, or the smiles along our daily walks as people soak in the beauty of the island, kindness has taken a front seat during this time. It doesn’t take much to lift someone’s spirits with a “Good Morning” as you pass by them. I’m the midst of chaos, there is kindness.


In the small periods that exist in a blissful hour or two called a baby’s nap, this offers a time to (work) and reflect. It’s confronting to see how quickly life can change and how important it is how we respond to it. Taking time to practice EFT and tapping (David Childerley’s videos have gotten me through many, many uncertain times), meditating, or even going back up to the point of MOVE, taking time to reflect on how we approach a stressful situation can be helpful in future unexpected circumstances.


Now more than ever, we are being tasked with being more mindful about what and where we are eating and drinking. Taking this time to try out new recipes and plan meals, whether it’s out of interest or necessity, offers a new creative space to unleash something undiscovered. Purchase gift cards to local restaurants in a way to support their cash flow during times of closure. For now, test out that new recipe at home as we all heal.


While I’m not good at this one (just ask my husband) it’s an important one to note. Our immunity is boosted by good sleep (you hear that, Jasper?) and keeping stress levels low. Turn off the news, walk outside, and breathe. Then breathe again. It’s amazing what a difference can be made when information isn’t being repeated in your head on a loop by newscasters. 

As a recap:

  • MOVE

In short, #MBRBR and let’s #flattenthecurve

I wish you and yours all of the healthy and happy vibes as we navigate these uncharted waters. Purchase the gift card for later, check on your neighbors, shop small, and treat yourself to some stress-reducing jewelry.

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