Dear Hurricane Irma: A Love Letter to Mother Nature September 10, 2017 – Posted in: Blog

Dear Mother Nature,


While I know you’re in the midst of causing devastation and destruction, and the most anxiety most Floridians have probably ever felt, I felt the need to reach out to you.


I know it seems hard to always be perfect, provide the best light, be commended on a daily basis around the world, but I know you’re taking a major hit this week. Newscasters are in tears (literally) and every time I see my precious barrier island lit up in red because of this beast you’re sharing with us named Hurricane Irma, I thought you might need a pick-me-up. Instead of looking out the window in complete fear (like I have for the last week), I’m choosing to be grateful for you and all that you have provided.

1. Thank you for showing me the kindest weather as my family visited the Algarve region of Portugal every year growing up. Your sunshine and warmth are part of my best memories each year (and highlighting my blonde sun-bleached mullet).



2. Thank you for letting me see the world as I studied, living on a ship for 100 days and sailing to parts of the globe that many may only dream of seeing.  I’m going to simply thank you for taking me to Canada, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Tanzania, South Africa and Venezuela. You’ve provided so many memories which will last a lifetime.


Semester at Sea Spring 2004 Slide show from Tony Fiorini on Vimeo.


3. Thank you for the endless memories you have provided while traveling around the world with Eric, and the US with our beloved pups, Tinky and Kermie. Thank you for providing the backdrop for an epic surprise proposal in Paris in front of the Louvre (in the rain, and amazing).




4. Thank you for hosting an incredible destination wedding in Riviera Maya with friends and family. Truly paradise, even in 1000 degree heat.



5. Thank you for unforgettable trips with friends and family to all corners of the world and providing endless light.



6. Last but certainly not least, thank you for a beautiful Florida life. Friends and family, friends who are like family, and creating a business here has been and will continue to be absolutely incredible. 



Mother Nature, please be kind. Stay strong Florida, we love you very much.