Easy Ways to Style Your Living Space + Yourself with Tropical Glam March 27, 2013 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Decorating your living space with tropical glam does not meet plastic palm trees and pink flamingos



Even for creative goddesses, it can be hard to style your living space without your blood pressure rising. There’s a fine line between chic resort decor and a tacky, florescent display of “knick-knackery” straight out of Golden Girls.

Less can certainly be more.

When choosing accessories for your home, less is definitely more. Confused about what to choose? Choosing monochromatic accessories is a modernized way to achieve a beachy chic look without it looking ticky tacky.

Here are some of our favs across the interwebs to achieve a classy, flawless tropical look! They all happen to be from one of our go-to stores, ZGallerie.


Atlantis Clam Shell


Tempest Vase


Capiz Chandelier


Mother of Pearl Napkin Ring



Represent your inner mermaid with hues of aquamarine.



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