Welcome to the Brand New Chelsea Bond Jewelry Retail Catalog August 23, 2017 – Posted in: Blog

Hello, Bombshell!


After months of design and creating jewelry filled with positive energy and glittering coastline vibes, i’m thrilled to share this news with you!


You can now take a guided tour of the Chelsea Bond Jewelry catalog with my voice guiding you showing you the jewelry the whole way!


This is the next best thing to me sitting down right next to you (which I truly wish that I could do…with a glass of champagne), and opening up the jewelry trunks to show you these incredible one-of-a-kind, limited edition pieces made to adorn your body.


Please review the new and exciting updates to the line, highlighted below:

1. Jewelry description cards are now laminated to create a “keepsake” with every jewelry purchase.

2. NEW COLORS of pearls, gemstones and crystals have been added, so you have even more variety to choose from in your orders.

3. The line sheets are now narrated, which means you can sit back and view the line sheets at your leisure, while the descriptions of each piece are presented to you.  Simply turn on the volume, and journey to sparkle.



How to Shop + Order:

 Click this link to your Dropbox line sheets

• Download the line sheets to your computer to play them.

Download the Order Form (Excel file). Fill out the Order Form with all jewelry, color and selections. Also, you can include any other details that you may want/need in your notes. You can also shop directly in our online boutique and search by Style # or Name of Piece.

• Email form to info@chelseabondjewelry.com to place your order.



I hope you enjoy the tour and as always.

If you need anything please feel free to reach out to me via email at info@chelseabondjewelry.com.


Looking forward to hearing from you!