7 Stay-At-Home Outfits For Spring To Keep You Comfy Yet Chic April 14, 2020 – Posted in: Blog

Woman on bed reading books and wearing a cute and comfortable outfit

While spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, its hard to feel cheery with the current state of the world nowadays.

Below, we’ve compiled comfy stay-at-home outfits for spring to lift your spirits and inspire you to ditch the everyday rotation of loungewear. There’s no doubt an outfit plays an important role in elevating our mood. While lounging around in pajamas all day sounds like a dream, you may find yourself reaching for the remote instead of your laptop. From professional to couch potato, spring pastels to muted neutrals, we’ve got you covered no matter your taste or style. Read on to discover our 7 stay-at-home outfit ideas to get you through each day of a week in quarantine.

1. Sunday: Self Care for the Soul

Self care Sunday collage of clothes and accessories. White background with an aromatherapy lava bead bracelet and gemstone ear jackets

Self-care Sunday calls for naps, face masks, essential oils, binging your favorite tv shows, and finally, preparing for your busy week ahead. Opt out of your typical, baggy pajamas and put on your Sunday best (aka cute loungewear) to feel your best. Warm tea, aromatherapy bracelets, and fuzzy slippers will keep you in a constant state of self-care zen. Pistachio green took over New York Fashion Week as one of the top Spring 2020 color trends to look out for, and as you can see, we’re here for it.

2. Monday: Conference Call Chic

Conference call outfit collage of clothes and accessories. White background with yellow skirt, white blouse, agate bangle bracelet, gemstone statement earrings, and front-closure gold and labradorite necklace

“Conference call outfits” are becoming the new norm. While you could technically wear sweatpants to your zoom calls, keep in mind which kid/dog you might have to chase out of the room mid-project pitch. Try reaching for vivid yellows, another Spring 2020 trending color that’ll easily take you into summer. By pairing a simple blouse with a loose, flowy skirt, you’ll look and feel professional (without sacrificing comfort). Plus, as you run to shut the door, glimpses of lemon sorbet hues will be sure to brighten up anyone’s mood.

3. Tuesday: Fresh Air Walks

White background with stack of pearl, rose quartz, and agate bracelets, and a pair of pearl earrings

Fight cabin fever by going outside daily to get some fresh air out in nature. Walking the dog, going for a bike ride, or simply taking a walk will do wonders to help you press pause on a busy mind. Pass on the slouchy loungewear and boost your mood with floral prints. Flowy pants and shorts can be just as comfortable as your sweatpants, and not to mention, you’ll feel ten times more ready to conquer your day. Pair your spring-inspired outfit with simple studs and a stack of bracelets, and now, the neighborhood has officially become your catwalk.

4. Wednesday: At-Home Workout

Workout outfit collage with pastel blue workout leggings and pastel pink sports bra. White background with yoga mat, aromatherapy lava bead bracelet, and gemstone anklets

Pastel lovers rejoice! Spring-inspired athletic wear is the best excuse to dress up like you’re a basket of Easter eggs. Since gyms are closed, it’s easy to come up with excuses to skip workouts. However, a quick Google search leads you to an array of stay-at-home workout videos. Roll out your yoga mat, place 2-3 drops of essential oil on your aromatherapy bracelet, and experience the zen of lavender while still being able to break a sweat. Who knew jewelry could elevate a workout? Not to mention, anklets are another easy way to add sparkle to your downward dog, and most importantly, they won’t get in the way.

5. Thursday: Couch Potato

Comfy outfit with black leggings and white t-shirt. White background with leather druzy bracelet, agate druzy gold ring, and an agate druzy gold necklace

Couch potato chic never looked so classy. We all have that classic, stay-at-home outfit that should never see the light of day. (I use the term “outfit” very loosely here.) While working from home, it’s easy to get into an outfit rut when the living room is the extent of your travel plans. If you’ve once again reached for your trusty black leggings and plain tee (guilty), try spicing it up with pops of spring-inspired color. For instance, breathe new life into a simple, comfy outfit with your favorite blue-hued jewelry.

6. Friday: At-Home Date Night

Date night collage with white fuzzy pants and a pink silk top. White background with agate druzy gold earrings, agate druzy gold necklace, gold pearl statement ring, and pink-lilac pearl bracelet with an agate druzy charm

While you’ve traded in your night on the town for a quiet night on the couch, you may feel your sense of style is slacking. Keep your stay-at-home date night outfit sweet and cozy for spring by wearing pink silks, romantic pearls, and sugary druzies. Pink is synonymous with spring and love, making it the go-to color to spice up a simple date-night at home. We wonder, will pink really ever go out of style?

7. Saturday: Sense of Normalcy

Everyday casual sundress outfit to wear to the grocery store. Collage with white background and labradorite and gold earrings and gold aromatherapy buddha bracelet

We’re all longing for our days to regain some sense of normalcy. Your big outing of the day might only be to the grocery store, but now’s your time to shine. For instance, if you’re tired of your leggings and slouchy loungewear, then wear whatever makes you feel human again. Dresses are easy, stay-at-home outfits for spring for when you want to feel put together, yet still completely comfortable. Next, complete the look with lightweight jewelry, a sweater (grocery stores are chilly), and oh, don’t forget those reusable bags!

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