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Brides of Paradise Spotlight Feature: Brad + Bree – Riviera Maya Destination Wedding

The gorgeous setting of the Riviera Maya welcomed Brad & Bree to their beach wedding in paradise. Below you’ll find not only a glimpse into their magical destination wedding in Mexico, but also their trash the dress session. Captured by Del Sol Photography and rockin’ a Red-i By Chelsea Jewelry (Chelsea Bond Jewelry) custom necklace, bracelet and barefoot sandals, Bree was the perfect mermaid. *Note – it is not recommended to wear metal in the water…

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Brides of Paradise Spotlight Feature: Jav & Josh – Punta Cana Destination Wedding

A warm and glowing afternoon was the setting of Jav & Josh’s Punta Cana destination wedding. Friends and family gathered for a beachside affair filled with love that radiated through Jav & Josh’s smiles. Why did you chose Punta Cana for your destination wedding? We chose Punta Cana because it was the ideal location to celebrate our marriage and for our guests to enjoy a relaxing and luxurious all-inclusive vacation. We also wanted our wedding celebration…

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Bond Jetsetter Cufflinks

Inspired by travel and my very own suit-wearing-year-round husband, Eric, I’ve created a LIMITED EDITION stock of BOND JETSETTER cuff links in antique gold and antique silver!     Click Here to Purchase – Antique Gold   Click to Purchase – Antique Silver   These are the perfect gift that go from boardroom to ballroom. These cuff links go from the every day dress shirt to a wedding day tux. Masculine in tone with the antique metals and…

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Personal Journey to Israel: A Gem of The Middle East

It lies 6,620 miles away from my home, is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most highly contested pieces of land on Earth. This was our second visit to the Land of Milk and Honey. On our first visit we ported during a Holland America Mediterranean cruise in Haifa, a city in the North of Israel. That day we visited Jerusalem as well as Bethlehem in Palestine (West Bank). It certainly wasn’t enough…

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A Bond Girl’s Guide to Barefoot Sandals

One of my favorite parts of living in (and traveling to) a warm climate is the ability to add an additional accessory to my body. Barefoot sandals have always turned heads whether I’ve been walking on Lover’s Beach in Cabo San Lucas or lounging seaside in Mykonos! I’ve been stopped on beaches around the world with people inquiring, “What are those? Where can I get them?”     Whether you’re planning on lounging poolside in Miami…

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How to Make Your Brass Jewelry Last

  Brass jewelry has a natural golden glow that will darken over time. Many of our jewelry pieces contain brass components. To identify if your jewelry contains brass components simply view the notes on our product pages.   Our jewelry is treated with the finest wax polish on the market, Renaissance Wax. This is a microcrystalline wax polish designed to protect and restore jewelry and antiques.   You can slow down the process and possibly even prevent…

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The Glamorous Hunt for Purple Wedding Shoes

Are you searching for the perfect glamorous pair of purple wedding shoes? It can be a daunting task as you’re dragging yourself from store to store, only to end in frustration.   Did you envision yourself as Carrie, falling in love through the glass with the perfect pair of shoes in your exact size as you and your girlfriends floated down Madison Avenue? Has it been more like an exhaustive experience which only mirrors a Sex and the…

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9 Hours in the Champagne Capital – Do it or Ditch It?

  When you envision Paris it’s almost incomplete without a sparkling glass of champagne in hand. When I found out that Reims (pronounced “Rains” with a nasal “n”) was only 45 minutes by high speed train from Paris – it was a must on our visit. Below you’ll find a breakdown of our 9 hours in Reims that was marinated in champagne. I’ve also included some helpful tips to help plan your honeymoon, vacation or…

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My Hotel Wedding’s Four Favorite SoCal Beach Wedding Hotels

My Hotel Wedding’s Four Favorite SoCal Beach Wedding Hotels   I am so happy to be featured on Red-i By Chelsea today and even more excited to share with you some of my favorite Southern California beach hotels. First, let me give you a quick background on me. I’ve been a freelance wedding planner the past ten years, worked for the Four Seasons for the past 5 years doing events and now run My Hotel Wedding.…

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